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Lesley Guerrero

Lesley Guerrero is Santa Barbara High Schools’ new bilingual curriculum specialist. Under her title, she works to provide language support to the school’s emergent multilingual students who are learning English as a second language. She wouldn’t say that she chose this path, “the path chose me”. She was interested in pursuing a career in either social work, education, or mental health within underserved communities.  Her current position has allowed her to do all three along with utilizing her Spanish skills. She’s looking forward to creating healthier habits and continuing to learn new ways to support students through distance learning. 

She likes working with high school students because she feels most students have a higher level of understanding. They are a lot easier to talk to about life; especially Seniors as they move towards adulthood. Her favorite part about her job is being able to guide students. Her least favorite part about her job is trying to convince students to do their assignments. However, she’s happy if there is anything new they learn regardless. 

If she wasn’t in her current position, she would most likely be enrolled in a Master’s program and interning for a social work organization or non-profit. Outside of school she enjoys dancing salsa and bachata and writing poetry. She doesn’t prefer a grade level more than the other because each level is a different experience with students. 


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