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Call of Duty Cold War Update Review

On February 4th, 2021 an update was released on all consoles for Call Of Duty Cold War that hyped up the whole COD community. Two months into the first season being released, COD added a new zombies map for the game that will follow the storyline from the first map into a whole other level of craziness. FireBaseZ is the name of the new map that was added that sets into the jungles of Vietnam. It features past characters from the COD games series that everyone is familiar with and loves. The map also features Tombstone, a perk that is new to the game but has been shown in previous games before. The way that the perk works is that if you get down in the game you can pick yourself back up without losing anything, or if you die in the game while having the perk on you, you can go back to the spot next round where you spawn back in and pick up everything you had before backup for free instead of having to buy everything again.

Not only was there a change in the game mode Zombies for Call Of Duty Cold War but there was also an update for the multiplayer game mode where you can either competitively go against online players 6v6 gunfight or just have fun, run around, and play Prop Hunt- a game mode where the hiders are props and have to stay hidden from the seekers that have to eliminate them all in a certain amount of time. Also in this update, COD added a remake of an old map. The map, “Express” takes place at a Train depot in 2025 where everything is more futuristic than the modern-day. On the map, you can see trains passing by which either you can board on top of them as a way to get to your destination faster rather than on foot or you can run on top of the trains that aren’t moving and use those for an advantage of having the higher ground on your enemies. In multiplayer, they had also added a new game mode. Endurance, a new high player count mode where 40 players fight each other on the following maps Sanatorium, Ruka, and Alpine. The game mode works after a bomb detonates, another bomb comes online to take its place, so five bombs are always available instead of an initial set that gets reduced to a single bomb before the next wave, and while this goes on the game modes score limit gets doubled the amount from 500 points to 1,000.

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