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Dear Zombie Apocalypse, I Hate You

A Short Story

“As the world finishes the first complete year, we have seen little to no human contact. The remainder of what we call humanity has been making factions. The infection rate of the virus is every one in 22 humans. Those people are now zombies. We’re expecting the number of zombies to double in a matter of five years if the government doesn’t respond properly. Furthermore, we are currently waiting for….” as her mom interrupts the reporter, she turns off the TV.

“That’s enough Selene, it’s only going to make everyone more depressed about our current situation,” said Selene’s mom.

“Dear reader,” Selene wrote on her phone acting as if someone would read it, but she continued writing anyway, “We‘re about to reach the end of the month’s rations, so everyone is a little cranky. We’re not even going to mention the shortage of toilet paper and other basic necessities. 

As we continue to live in this pandemic of the Inmortuorum Virus. I know that while we’re all still sitting inside, a lot of stuff has been happening. Oh, God, are people from the US stupid? 

They believe a book from over 3500 years ago, will be relevant now, in current modern-day society. What’s even worse are the protests saying ‘We should keep zombies alive because they were once humans’. I understand that, but it will take awhile to fully understand the way the virus works. I think that they should be put down or else they’ll get free and eat many, many people. 

I should mention how the virus functions. It kills them before they become… zombies… In other words, the zombies kill the human and then the human becomes a zombie. That’s why I think it’s stupid to try to save them. After all, a zombie is an ‘undead’ being. Now let’s stop with depressing stuff. 

I wish I could tell you some good news, but I can’t. Even though I’ve done some fun things during this zombie apocalyptic quarantine, they wouldn’t brighten anyone’s mood more. I wish I could stop everything that’s happening right now, but I can’t and that’s all that I can offer.



(in other words just another human teen)”

Once again, the thought of everything that was happening was just becoming more depressing for Selene. She went up into her room and just laid there, all balled up under the covers. 

Her brother Hades was just always a big nut about his name. He hated the fact that their mom was such a big Greek mythology nerd and the fact that she named him Hades, but the ramblings of a madman are a story for another time and so is everything at this moment. 

With Selene’s mental state on the verge of a breakdown, with Hades and his addiction to “Minecraft”, and with their mom who’s a big nut for everything witchy, we end their story for now at least.


  • Zoe Husted

    My name is Zoe Husted. I'm new to the forge. I'm a sophomore at SBHS. I like reading, gaming, and art.

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