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Pihu Review

The Netflix movie, Pihu, tells the tale of a toddler who was left unsupervised the morning after her mother overdosed on pills at her party. It’s truly a film that pulls at your heartstrings. We see Pihu struggle to provide for herself. She is in the middle of a dangerous environment surrounded by deadly items. When she tried to make herself food she lit the house on fire and locked herself in the refrigerator. Pihu also had an abusive father that would abuse Pihu’s mother which caused her to overdose on pills. In a wave of guilt, Pihu’s father left them until he decided to apologize with a call that was left unanswered. Pihu tried time and time again to wake her mother up but she wasn’t breathing and wouldn’t move. She then thought that her mom’s pills were candy and proceeded to eat lots of them leaving her to die. Simultaneously her dad kept trying to call her and no one picked up. He decides to come back and he finds Pihu and her mother dead. The movie ends with the dad devastated over his two new losses. 

The movie Pihu first came out in November 2017 and is now available on Netflix to watch. Overall I really enjoyed the movie and recommend this to someone looking for a tear jerker .  My favorite part of the movie was when other people were trying to get in her house to save her from the fire she started. This scene shows that others cared about her and wanted to help her. 

Pihu’s father was abusive and sexually harassed Pihu’s mom. He left without apologizing to her mom and not feeling bad about it. I did like how others were trying to help Pihu when she started the fire in her house. Overall I’d rate the movie a 4 out of 5 since it is a sad type of movie.


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