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Seniors Show Their School Spirit

As our senior year comes to an end, it seems that ours has just begun. A burst of senior activities has just been let out to us in this last month or so including homecoming court, Senior Sunrise, prom, and graduation. Covid-19 has put a strain on everyone and because of that our activities have started late and has made gathering difficult. Our student body has, however, done its best to get us back to some kind of normal. 

Homecoming nominees came out as of the previous week and winners are to be announced this Friday, April 16th at Senior Sunrise. Voting begins Wednesday, April 13th, and closes the next day. The homecoming Court consists of Aria Jimenez, Jake Knecht, Cielo Said, Noach Wood, Kendall Dawson, Deacon Hill, Izzy Kamin, Sebastian Harris, Wendy Vega, Ty Montgomery, Michelle Joffe, Miles Thompson, Jake Peardon, Malia Hammons, Anthony Simon, and Monique Lopez. Two chosen nominees will be crowned this Friday so do not forget to vote. 

Senior Sunrise will be April 16th at 7:30 in the morning where breakfast burritos will be served. COVID guidelines will still apply so 6 feet distance is required as well as masks. It is recommended that you bring a blanket to keep warm. Seniors will also be able to bring a small padlock to place on the love lock wall at the entrance of the senior parking lot. 

A COVID-friendly version of prom was also announced dated now May 22nd. Unfortunately, because of the circumstances, dancing in such close proximity is not allowed. It will seem more similar to a festival than a normal prom as there will be many activities, food, and music. Be ready to still dress up formally and look your best. Our theme so far is “Masquerade Under the Stars”. Look out for further information as well as nominations as we come closer to the date. 

Lastly, ASB has announced that there will be a graduation for seniors this year on June 2nd, the last day of school. No further details have been given as they do not know what will and will not be regulated by then. Keep your eyes peeled as further details will be given. 

Michelle Rubio, Secretary/Treasurer of the ASB cabinet, gave me a quote on ASB’s behalf: “We hope to bring the class of 2021 together one last time for a big celebration for this last year and the hard work that led up to it”. 


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