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Multimedia Arts and Design

MAD stands for Multimedia Arts and Design. It is an academy that is offered for all 4 years at Santa Barbara High School. MAD is a great opportunity for kids that are interested in film and photography. You learn photoshop, videography, coding and many more things. A lot of students have said that MAD has changed their views on film and photography and made them much more interested in these topics. Being in an academy also looks really good on college applications especially if you are going to an art or film school. 

Students in MAD have said that it is extremely fun and also a good way to make friends. One student Izzy Garofalo says “MAD academy is one of the best classes at SBHS and is such a good way to make new friends and also get a good education in filmmaking and arts.” She also says that “the teachers are great and make the class more fun and impactful.” 

The first year of MAD is Photoshop and Videoshop. You make things like album covers and funky art with lots of colors and pictures. One project was to make a picture of a celebrity out of everyday objects, for example using grass for eyebrows and other fun things like that. For the 2nd year you do coding. You can learn how to code your own games and fun things like that. If you are interested in any of those kinds of activities, MAD is definitely for you and you would have a lot of fun. Also if you decide to join MAD but it isn’t really your thing then you can drop it at any time. You also can join it any year. You only have to have an interview with the MAD director and you will most likely get into the program. This year, with COVID, kids haven’t had the full MAD experience but kids that will get that chance will have such a great time in the class. Students even say that it doesn’t even feel like class and it is more of a fun activity. 

MAD is a great academy and can get you far in your film and photography interests. It is also great on college applications for film schools. It is definitely great for artistic people that love to be creative and do things with art. If you are interested in applying, email your counselor to be enrolled in the class and then get your interview with the MAD director. All you have to do is have fun and be open minded because even if you think MAD is not for you, it could be and you might love it! 

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