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Dora Gonzalez Retiring

The school Registrar of Santa Barbara High School has recently announced her retirement from her position. After eighteen and a half years, Dora Gonzalez has been here in a very important position of the school, filing every student’s information history. Dora Gonzalez has done this position her whole career at Santa Barbara High School, and has carried many memories along with it. “The memories that I take with me are all students that I was able to mentor and get to know if I made a difference in their life, ” says Gonzalez. “The job, I felt, wasn’t only to be responsible for all that we do in the registrar’s office but to touch a student’s life and make a difference, and be there for them”. Not only did she have certain bonds with other students, but with people that she worked with. “All those friends I made while working here touched my life in a special way. I will always consider them my true friends. I will surely miss my students and friends I made while working here”, she says on what they’ve meant to her. 

Since Dora Gonzalez is soon to be retired, she does plan on making the most of it. She says, “I plan to spend quality time with my 87-year old mother and travel to as many places as I can ” 

The Santa Barbara High School community will surely miss Dora Gonzalez, and the many sacrifices she’s made in order to make sure a part of our school is running smoothly. It has been an honor to have her here and we appreciate the amount of hard work she has put in. With this, she deserves the best, knowing what she did for everyone around her when they needed guidance the most. Mrs. Gonzalez will be missed but not forgotten for the things she’s done. 


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