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Red Dead Redemption 2 Review

Rockstar Games is best known for the Grand Theft Auto series, but another one of their amazing game franchises is the Red Dead Redemption series. In this article I will be giving an in-depth review of Red Dead Redemption 2.The game designers are Christian Cantamessa and Imran Sarwar. Some of the characters and their voice actors are Arthur Morgan – Roger Clark. Dutch van der Linde – Benjamin Byron Davis. Micah Bell – Peter Blomquist.

The story of Red Dead Redemption is amazing, with wonderful missions and characters throughout the game. The game explores a story about familial bonds and gang life in the old Wild West. The story shows you what it would be like to be in an old west gang with a high degree of realism. Chapters of the game are often filled with exhilarating heists as well as escaping the law. As you progress, the game displays themes of loss, betrayal, and, as the title suggests, redemption. The character you play as, Arthur Morgan, is a very complex man with a history. As you progress through the story, you get to make important decisions that can dictate Arthur either having high morals or becoming a ruthless killer. The story is definitely a 10/10 with remarkable twists and turns.

The gameplay in Red Dead Redemption is phenomenal with the old west gunplay feeling very seamless. On most consoles, the game  will run at 60 frames per second with no problems and performs similarly for mid to higher-end PC’s. New mechanics to the game, like talking to people,are entirely your choice whether you greet or antagonize npc’s (non-player characters). Another new game feature is the ability to upgrade your camp, and as you upgrade the camp over time, it starts to look a lot better cosmetically and you get new items and ammunition. Overall, the gameplay is amazing, but a few tweaks like better horse control and movement hold it back slightly, so I’d rate the gameplay a 9/10.

The controls for Red Dead Redemption 2 are very good on consoles like the PS4, Xbox 1, Xbox series x, and PS5. Unfortunately, the controls on PC are very janky and awkward in some areas. On consoles when you aim a weapon it auto locks onto the target, but on PC there is no auto locking which makes it  very hard to aim at enemies if you are not extremely experienced with the game.  This also applies to lassoing enemies because it’s under the same item categories as weapons. This all leads me to unfortunately rate the controls a 5/10 because of poor PC weapon aiming

In conclusion, most of the game is perfect, except for the PC’s weapon aiming issue. Even though the game’s PC aiming issue is a hindrance, the game is still very playable despite that. Overall the game is a masterpiece, which brings me to my final rating of the full game. I rate the game Red Dead Redemption 2 a 10/10. I recommend that every gamer tries this game at least once because it’s that amazing!

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  1. Penea Penea October 8, 2021

    Currently on my 5th playthrough, my first time one PC…I love this game, this franchise so much…you don’t get gems like those two games often nowadays, despite long development times…both games, but RDR2 in particular are masterpieces and I bet it takes a long time till they meet a worthy rival in terms of quality, world design and storytelling and my bet are that only Rockstar themselves will beat their games, just like they did with RDR2 compared to RDR1; we had a fan favorite protagonist in the first game that gets mocked and belittled for quite some time in RDR2 and at the same time, they introduced a protagonist that’s even more loved by the community nowadays…Rockstar has really outdone themselves with this one!

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