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SBHS Geocache: Say Cheese

Around the corner, above your head, beneath some rubble, and over your shoulder. Into the woods, out in the sun, places traveled, to places untouched. You might have to mull over it quite a bit, or perhaps it’ll be a piece of cake. Either way, the treasure will be waiting to be found by you. 

Geocache is a worldwide treasure hunt founded in the year 2000 when the accuracy of GPS technology improved tenfold overnight. A GPS enthusiast, Dave Ulmer, wanting to test the accuracy of the new and improved tech, stashed a navigational target in the woods to see if anyone would come and find it. He called it the “Great American GPS Stash Hunt.” This was the first official “Geocache”. Now with millions of players and more than 3 million stashes, Geocaches are hidden all over the places waiting for you to get outside and seek the treasures. 

While reading and researching about Geocaches, I have stashed a special geocache just for Santa Barbara High School students to go out and find! 

The rules are simple, follow the clues to the treasure. Please remember to be respectful- geocaches are meant for everybody to enjoy, so don’t take anything that doesn’t seem okay to be taken.

Also, don’t forget to have fun with it! Bring a friend, or a best friend, or even a stranger. 


  1. Go find elevators (#2,#3,#4) to find clues that are hidden at each spot. 
  2. After finding all 3 clues, put them in 1,2,3 order. 
  3. Next, go to the VADA area to find the final clue. (Hint: where to go when you are parched.)
  4. Good luck finding me.


  • Hana Nishimura

    Hello my name is Hana and I am going through my last year as a high school student. I am here to write and inform others about what interests me. Nice to meet you.

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