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VADA’s Trash Can Art

Over the summer, a group of students from the Visual Arts and Design Academy led by Mr. Teris, a Painting/Sculpture teacher, took on the task of enhancing and beautifying our campus through painting trash cans and stall doors. 

The installments were created with staff, students, and teachers in mind, and many of the paintings include empowering or inspirational messages. Many students were inspired to paint about women’s empowerment, according to Mr. Teris. The students were given creative freedom with one goal in mind– to promote “peace, love, and harmony” through art around campus, and accomplished this goal using their creativity, talent, and colorful paints.

Many students have commented on how the trash cans in the quad give more life to the area. One student commented that seeing the art every day on her way to AP Seminar makes her happy, and she appreciated what VADA has done to bring color to campus. From the lane dividers painted at the front of the school to trash cans and doors, the contributions of VADA students’ art makes the campus a brighter and more inspiring place.


  • Kelly Meeder

    Kelly Meeder is a junior at Santa Barbara High and the Managing Editor of the Forge. She hopes to bring creative and unorthodox content to the paper. Outside of The Forge, she loves art and reading.

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