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Dimensions Existing Outside Our Own

If you’re interested in the “Great Perhaps” that is our universe and space as a whole, I’m sure you’re aware that we live in three dimensions: length, width, and depth. That’s all that we can perceive. But what if I were to tell you there’s more?

If we are following Einstein’s general theory of relativity, time would undoubtedly be the fourth dimension. The rate at which time fluctuates and bends throughout universes shows us how much we really don’t know. Studies have confirmed that time is relative, moving faster or slower depending on your location in space. We can say for certain that time exists as a fourth dimension in the universes, albeit humans cannot perceive it like the other confirmed dimensions. 

Scientists know that the rate at which time passes is heavily influenced by gravity, and how much gravity is on different planets. That being said, could we consider gravity our fifth dimension? That is a pretty controversial question in the world of physics. To go even deeper, “How many dimensions are there?”  

You could ask an average person and their answer would probably be: “Three. Length, width, and depth.” However, if you were to ask a string theory physicist (string theory gives us a different perspective of the universe by replacing all matter and force particles with tiny vibrating strings) that same question, you would likely get a response saying how they believe there are ten dimensions out there. Some will say there’s more.

 Can we prove that there are more dimensions out there than we can comprehend? Not yet. However, we have reason to believe it’s true. We know that we can perceive three: length, width, and depth. The scientific community is advancing rapidly, as well as modern technology. Someday, with these resources aiding us, we’ll be able to uncover this mystery gnawing at us: “How many dimensions exist outside of our own?”

[Image Credit Adam Miller]


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