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Short Love Stories

These are short stories about how relationships started. It’s about our community within our school. From the people we all know too well, here are their stories…

Diamond and adrian

Love story by: Diamond, Adrian and Neftaly Salgado

“I was enjoying the football game and cheering on our school with my friends when I saw someone that got my attention. Apparently his friends knew mine so we all started to watch the game together. We talked a little bit throughout the game, and he was fun to talk to. Days went by and I got a message from him on snapchat, and so I added him and we started talking. He then asked me on a date! and i ofc said yes. One day he took me to the pond park for a date and that day he asked me to be his girlfriend. We enjoy each other’s company and we love each other very much.”

Yaya and Ebony

Love story by: Yahir Bustos Marin, Ebony Garcia, Neftaly Salgado

Yaya and Ebony met in their freshman year when Ebony heard that someones’ nickname was Yaya. She got curious and decided to ask him if he got his nickname from a movie she likes, San Law. He low key thought that she was roasting him but she was just asking a genuine question. After that he thought that she was bold to go and talk to him and they started to get close. Eventually Yaya asked Ebony to go with him to homecoming “as friends” and when they did rumors started to go around that they were dating so they did. After they spend some time apart they came back together. They always connected from their personalities because their humor has always matched up. They’ve had their ups and downs but they keep pushing through it.

And that’s a very short summary of yaya’s and ebony’s story. 

Ely and Juliana

Friendship story by: Elyoenai Salgado, Juliana Espinoza Luna, Neftaly Salgado

“I met Juliana in my first period, once we started to talk we instantly connected. We continued to talk at any free time we had in class. Soon we started to hangout during lunch and spend more and more time together. We would go out to state street and I enjoyed hanging out with her because she always knew how to make me laugh. She eventually got to meet my parents and I started to take her to church with me. She became part of the family. One day she betrayed me and I turned my back on her. I hate being in a toxic relationship, I have enough of those at home already. But I will always treasure the moments we spend together but there’s an end to everything.”


  • Neftaly Salgado

    Hola! My name is Neftaly and I’m in 9th grade. I love dancing! The reason I’m writing for the paper is because I love writing and reading!

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