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An Electric Winterfest Ushers in a Return to “Normal” for SBHS

As we pass the two year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic drastically altering life as we know it, we can’t help but think how far we’ve come. Our community has had to persevere through the previously unfathomable: a pandemic. We’ve grown as a community as we faced this hardship together. However, many people have forgotten what it’s like to have genuine social interactions with others or haven’t had the opportunity to. This is a direct result of protocols being placed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Thanks to the endless help and support of ASB members and school staff, the school was able to put together an amazing Winterfest dance for students on Saturday March 12. Some were hesitant to spring back to a “normal” function, while others were not. It’s been one of the first few school events where there are no COVID-19 restrictions, which came as a shock for some people who made the choice to stay home. However it’s hard to revert back to “normal” when you become accustomed to abnormality. The Winterfest acted not only as a fun dance, but symbolized a turning point in everyone’s lives as we begin the route back to a life free of the burdens of a pandemic. It was a cautious but impactful stepping stone towards freedom from the virus.

As we address the symbolism behind the recent Winterfest, it’s also important to give credit where credit is due. The school staff, members of ASB, and student volunteers that put in weeks of their time to put this all together deserve a standing ovation. It really has been difficult to organize anything, especially a school-wide event, due to the pandemic, and they did an excellent job providing a memorable experience with the resources they had. With a professional DJ, cornhole set-ups, several different photo booths, and a magical light-up dance floor, entertainment was easy to come by. The SBHS quad served as a wonderful venue for the dance.

String lights and electric glow sticks bedazzled the entire event, with a cooler color theme featuring blue, purple, and white. The colors further emphasized the theme of the dance, which was, “Electric Ice.” Many students were dressed accordingly which made the whole affair much more exciting. This SBHS Winterfest was a joy to attend and signaled that the SBHS community is approaching the end of localized pandemic restrictions. I’m glad and forever grateful for the school’s effort to bring us together and look forward to future events.

[Image Credit SBHS Website]


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