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Are You Wearing This?

It’s back to school! And the perfect time to try out a new look. Whether you dye your hair, figure out if you look better in gold or silver, or revamp your closet, everyone is preparing to go to school in style. It’s no secret that our peers influence the way we dress because along with the lasting pressure of school assignments and due dates, there is also pressure to look good while doing it. Trends come and go, so let’s look at some of the hottest trends at SBHS before it’s too late!

Tote Bags

Now if you haven’t abandoned the backpack, you definitely haven’t gotten the memo. The tote bag, or any bag that you can freely swing over your shoulder, has taken over the campus. Everyone is wearing them! This artsy item is ideally unique, as anything can be put on plain canvas. It shows how carefree but academically and aesthetically focused you are. Adding a bit more style to anything you throw on, even if you have to sacrifice a little or a lot of space for your usual possessions.

Low Rise or High Rise?

Low rise or high rise? High rise or low rise? How long can this fashion dispute go on? Personally, I think it comes down to your own preference, but when it comes to what’s trending, this dispute goes way back. High waisted jeans became extremely popular through the 60’s and 70’s – think bell bottoms – and continued through fashion up to the 90’s, where high rise became more commonly known as the “mom jean”.  Embraced by moms and not teens, jeans got both baggier, tighter, and certainly lower. Low rise jeans caught on with celebrities and influenced future generations to do the same. Today, both high rise and low rise jeans work in serendipity.  

Dr. Martens

During the grunge age of the 90’s, these boots practically ran the movement themselves. Today, they are a main staple in a fashionable teenager’s wardrobe. Black and leather, the classic boots go with basically everything. You can get them platformed, different styles, or even vintage to really step out of the crowd. I’ve seen a noticeably higher number of kids wearing specifically platform boots. I mean, who doesn’t want to be taller?   I know I do. If you haven’t already gotten yourself a pair, this fall is the perfect season to test these out, beware of blisters, but beauty is pain, right?

Thrifting (Second Hand is Cool?)

Ask anyone who spent time as a high school student through the 1980’s-2000’s and they’ll tell you that second hand shopping was not cool. Before, a sign that you couldn’t afford the luxury of buying first hand, thrifting was the subject of much teasing and stress of teenagers.s. Only fairly recently did it become a symbol of how cool and unique you are. Why buy what everyone else is wearing when, for 8.99 or less, can purchase a look that makes you different. Now instead of being ashamed for wearing someone’s throwaways, you earn extra style points for being able to say, “yeah, I  thrifted it”. An added plus of thrifting is how accessible it is. You don’t need to go to a  special boutique, or worry much about the cost of a new pair of jeans; just head down Milpas to the Alpha thrift store and see what is in store for you!

{Photo Credit: Harlow Pennington}


  • Harlow Pennington

    Harlow is currently a senior at Santa Barbara High School. She serves as The Magazine and Features Editor for The Forge. She enjoys writing and drawing in addition to overseeing her sections and is an active participant in the Vada arts program. She anticipates continuing to make her mark in the forge alongside her peers and members of the Forge.

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