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Back to School Checklist

[Image Credits: Kelly Meder]


  • Go to a football game
  • Try an ebike stack with 3+ people and no helmets
  • Have your Taco Bell christening
  • Cut off a car on said ebike (extra points if you run a stop sign too)
  • Get yelled at by Brie


Mother’s credit card
  • Get mistaken for a senior and like it
  • Use your mom’s credit card to buy lunch every day
  • Spend way too much at Bossie’s
  • Have a two-week relationship 


Sprouts $5 sushi


  • Hit a curb at full speed
  • “$5 sushi day at Sprouts!”
  • Get super serious about school because “this is the year colleges look at”
  • Park five blocks away from school (get those steps in!)


Driving away…
  • Catch senioritis and start ditching
  • “Where my hug at” into an illegal entanglement
  • Complain about “how different this year is” 
  • Honk at the ebike who cut you off

(please note: this piece is satire and is not meant to be taken seriously)


  • Kelly Meeder

    Kelly Meeder is a junior at Santa Barbara High and the Managing Editor of the Forge. She hopes to bring creative and unorthodox content to the paper. Outside of The Forge, she loves art and reading.

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