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Club Rush

Every year, Club Rush is the day when students set up tables and get ready to recruit their peers to join their clubs. A lot of eager students fill the quad looking for new clubs to join. Students walk around pointing to booths that pique their interest, as they tell their friends, “We should join this together!” The vast variety of clubs offered at Santa Barbara High School are showcased at Club Rush. Joining new clubs allows students to explore their passions and find a place for themselves, while also meeting new people along the way. Some clubs include: Green Club, Beach Cleanup Club, Barbeque Club, Mental Health Club, and Blue Club. Joining a club is a great way to be more involved with your school and have fun while doing it. A club gives students a place at school where they can further explore their interests and make new friends.

“Club Rush is a really good opportunity to get involved. And, there’s a lot of clubs for everyone,” ASB member Anya McCue explains about the many clubs to explore at Santa Barbara High School. “You can just go out there, talk to some other like-minded students, and get involved with a club. And then, get more involved with the school.”

[Photo credit: Santa Barbara High Student Club Website]

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