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Senior Sunrise

From a poem by Jeffry Saucers comes the iconic words, “All good things must come to an end.” As the days of rowdy football games and early mornings pass us by and the long process of college applications sets in, it becomes ever present that these words will soon become reality for the class of 2023. In light of this concept, on Monday, September 20th we seniors gathered around Peabody Stadium to watch the sun rise on our last year here at SBHS. 

For decades the event that is Senior Sunrise has marked the beginning of the last, and  known as the best, year here at SBHS. This year it came time for the class of 2023 to take part in the age-old tradition. From the pitch blackness that is 6 am, seniors rose from their beds and made their way down to SBHS to watch the sun rise with their peers. Students flooded into the senior lot bringing along their cups of coffee, accompanied by the usual questionable parking. One by one we filed into the stadium, greeted by the energetic kids of ASB. As we all sat there, still partially asleep, daylight began to break. 

As the sun came out, so did the phones, as Dons went to capture this special moment. The thick, fluffy clouds from the previous night’s rain served as the perfect canvas for all the vibrant colors of the sunrise. As the golden hues began to fill the sky a surprise guest appearance was made by a rainbow. In fact not one, but four overlayed rainbows appeared right overhead. As the beauty of the morning set in, the emotions poured out, and I went on my way to ask my fellow Dons, what does Senior Sunrise mean to you?

“It overwhelms me with longing to think of all of the sunrises I’ve missed, senior or not–how much beauty and joy there is in the world when you’re with friends and how much of that I missed sleeping past the sunrise and being locked in my house for two years,” expressed student Stella Sheime. As a student, high school can envelope your whole being, as your thoughts are consumed by math formulas, AP tests and game day strategies. More times than not, a sunrise is the perfect remedy to set us back in place and back in balance. For others the sunrise may have a different effect. Student, Mia Palma, gives a more literal interpretation as she’s “tired….. that’s what it makes me feel!” Something I think we can all wholeheartedly agree with. 

For me, the feeling of Senior Sunrise has become bittersweet, the beauty before us contrasted against the reality that this will be our last year together before we are thrust into an open world. Nevertheless, we still have one last year, one of which I have no doubt the class of 2023 will live out to the fullest. I’m excited to see what will happen in the year before us, as we sit here waiting for the setting sun.

{Photo Credit: Ben Purvis}

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