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What to Wear to Homecoming This Year

This year’s homecoming theme is Enchanted Forest! If you’re confused and stuck on what to wear, then this article is for you. Because it is a forest theme, darker color tones and shades are appropriate. Specifically, long sheer sleeves, off the shoulder dresses, longer flowy fabrics, and floral patterns are all good possibilities for girls. Eva Davies, a senior this year, plans on wearing a dark green silk dress with white sneakers. If you feel like your dress is too simple, add in some sheer tights with sparkles or flowers on them to add a little more Individuality to your outfit. For the boys struggling to find something to wear, a simple button up shirt and dress pants combo will be perfect. Jaxon Burford who is also a senior this year, plans on wearing a green button up shirt with black slacks. He is also wearing white reebok sneakers with a hint of green on them. Sneakers are a good choice of footwear this year because they are comfy, but you can easily dress them up. To dress up your look, an adequate pair of dress shoes or heels would be a great addition to your outfit. To wrap things up, the best colors to wear are darker greens, blues, and browns because these are all jewel tones. As far as dresses go, flowy or sparkly would go perfectly with our theme. I hope this helps anyone struggling with what to wear, and just remember to have fun!

[Image Credits: Cailyn Hooper]


  • Cailyn Hooper

    Cailyn Hooper is a senior at SBHS from Santa Barbara. She is new to The Forge this year and has a writer position. She wants to be more involved in her school and community since it is her last year. She enjoys being with friends and family as well as listening to music.

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