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One Connected

One Connected is a website created by recent 2022 graduates and current students, Ramon Wang, Noah Wang, Antonio Ayala and Christian Sanchez. It is a Santa Barbara High School-based platform that will be available to all students on November 3, 2022. Its purpose is to improve communication throughout the student body, especially for clubs. You are able to find clubs on the app from school and text with other students in the club. The website will be showcased to the whole school and then become an avid resource for students to use.

Twin brothers Romone and Noah Wang graduated High School last year while Christian is currently a Senior. They are all very ecstatic about their website launching. All four students are CSA and Alumni members. When asked why he made the website and why he put so much time into it, Christian said, “I created the app because a lot of students, I noticed a lot of students had trouble communicating with each other with clubs. For example, not a lot of people were checking their emails. I thought this would be more of an accessible way to connect.”

One Connect will improve communication throughout the various clubs and organizations at school and allow for better access to connections or to be connected,” Christian said. The app will be available on all devices iPhone, iPad, and computers. Christian also says that he believes the website will be effective especially for clubs because it will aid students’ ability to communicate with each other their meeting times. You can use your school gmail to sign in then get started. 

Christian says that making a website takes time to develop mainly because there could be coding problems. “Some challenges of making the website and the development process is when we would write some lines of code it wouldn’t work and we would have to try to problem solve and it took up to four to five hours to try to fix it.” “It was a time consuming project.”

 After finally perfecting it, Sanchez explained, “We are going to showcase it to the whole school and give students access to the web application. Hopefully expand it to other schools or districts.

“In the future I plan on creating other apps that would help the community” Christian says hopefully. If you are a leader of a club or organization or just in a club and want a way to connect with other students, One Connected is a great platform for you to use to connect to other students while supporting the SBHS students and alumni creators.

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  • Ramsey Royan

    Ramsey is a sophomore at SBHS writing for The Forge for a second year. He likes to write about sports that happen at school. He plays for the SBHS soccer team and enjoys skateboarding on weekends.

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