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The Forge Halloween 2022

Join Jamie Sanchez, producer and editor, and Niko Proft, interviewer, on Halloween day, Monday October 31, 2022, as we tour Santa Barbara High and ask students, teachers and faculty what their answers are to Halloween themed questions. We interview teachers, faculty and students from all grades on their costumes, favorite Halloween festivities, preferred candy, and favorite horror movies. 

The Forge Halloween 2022. [Image Credit: James Sanchez]


  • Nikolai Proft

    Nikolai Proft is a senior at Santa Barbara High School and is a first year writer for The Forge. He looks to inspire readers to become more invested in the community. In addition to working on The Forge, Niko is the returning captain of the Santa Barbara High wrestling team.

  • James Sanchez

    I am James “Jamie” Sanchez. I am a native to Santa Barbara as well as an 11th grader at Santa Barbara High School, I am also in the MAD Academy. I have had a great interest and in news media for most of my life as well as giving back to my local community.

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