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Helpful or Hateful Horoscopes?

Do you wonder why you are a certain way? Why are you more energized or more organized than your peers? It is because of the way the stars and planets aligned when you were born. Now you may be wondering what the alignment of the stars and planets has to do with your character and attributes. Everything. Absolutely Everything. What do I mean by that? Horoscopes not only tell you what you are, they also tell you what you will be and what will happen to you. That’s right, the way these celestial bodies are arranged at a specific time will tell you exactly how your life will play out.
Your life is predestined. There is no way to alter your path. You were given your path the day you were born. And it’s all the stars who are deciding this. The burning balls of gas in space determine whether or not you win your sports game, or do good on a test. It doesn’t matter whether you study or work hard towards a goal. It’s all determined before you do any of that. So why even try? Just go where life (the stars) take you.
Axell Wilson is a Leo. “I think it describes me perfectly”. “I don’t like Cancers, but not because of the people, because my mom had it,” but he adds, “today she is well and happy”
Camille Pomerantz is a Taurus. “I’m okay with it because no one really hates Tauruses, like the sign.”
Cailyn Hooper is an Aries. “I really like my sign,” she says, “I dislike Virgos but I love Tauruses.”
This ongoing debate of whether astrology is real leaves us with the question, what is our purpose on this earth?

Horoscope – Raglan Kear

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