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Halo Infinite: The Problem with Modern Games

When Halo Infinite first released in November 2021 it boasted that an average of 102,732 players played per month, but now it’s down to a measly 3,222 average players a month now in March of 2023. But why? What could leave a game with so much promise to now be a fading afterthought of the gaming franchise giant it once was. Well, I will be going through the reasons for its failures as well as the problem with modern games coming out today and raise the question,  ”What will this mean for future generations of gaming?”

Firstly, why has Halo Infinite performed so poorly? Halo Infinite was at the peak when released in November 2021. It had a better engine, the multiplayer was free and there was an enormous amount of hype around it. So what went wrong? The fact that the game had been released and had little to no content with it. The maps were complicated and uninteresting, the game had been out for a year and there were no new weapons or modes. Even upon release it had barely any content and they had gutted the customization system and charged you real money just to customize your Spartans armor color. 

The game overall had no soul. It just felt like another first person shooter game without any care for the maps, the weapons or any of the customization and features players wanted in the game. It was like 343 Studios just made a basic FPS game with a Halo coat of paint over it, because that’s exactly what they did. There is a big problem with modern games coming out and it’s all about the absence of originality. These companies, once known for creativity and heart, have now evolved into corporate machines that release games only for profit by providing the bare minimum of content in the game to keep costs down.

The way that these companies can fix this glaring issue is actually quite simple, they need to stop rushing to release games. Especially when they barely have any content and are filled with glitches and bugs. This last year it wasn’t just Halo infinite that had this problem, Call of Duty Vanguard had it as well as Battlefield 2042. This trend is very concerning and if it continues it will lead to all games being released being rushed and unfinished with no content just to make a quick buck which we should not tolerate.

Finally, I would rate Halo Infinite a 5 out of 10. I was extremely disappointed and it left me feeling like it was a chore to play the game. As for games coming out now that are being rushed, all I can say is that I hope this trend fizzles out and that game studios change for the better, because if they don’t, modern games will be unplayable messes for all of the foreseeable future.


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