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Snowfall Brings Excitement and Rainfall Brings Worry in Santa Barbara

After the rainstorm that happened on the day of February 24, there was a rare sight of  snowfall in the Santa Barbara Mountains. Residents were excited about the snow, and some took a drive toward the mountains to get an up close view of it. The snow was a welcome sight for residents who don’t see snow that often in person. Many people took photos of the snow covered mountains. Usually Santa Barbara weather is moderate, but recently the county has been experiencing extreme rainfall, flooding and even snow and hail. On the topic of rain, it rained quite a bit on February 24, with three inches of rainfall in Santa Barbara. Thankfully, there wasn’t any intense flooding from the rain. Earlier this year, there was rainfall that was so heavy that there was intense flooding throughout the city; and evacuation orders were ordered for people in areas that were burned from past fires. That flooding incident also happened exactly five years from the day of the 2018 Southern California debris flows that lead to over $150 million in property damages, and 23 deaths. This has made residents of Santa Barbara apprehensive whenever rainstorms occur.  In an interview with a marine biology teacher of the school, Donovan Warrecker, he stated that “The rainstorm we had in January this year was intense. When I went to pick up my daughter from daycare, I had to wade through water to get there, which made me really nervous. Santa Barbara is not built for that much precipitation. Rain can be exciting, but it can also be scary”. After everything that Santa Barbara has been through, it is completely understandable that these rainstorms can be a source of anxiety for Santa Barbara residents. If you ever feel anxious during a rainstorm, it’s important to stay calm, and remember to take a few deep breaths.  

[Image Credit: West Figgins]


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