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Dons Square Off Against The Wildcats In Baseball Game 

SB Dons player, Jetner Welch, up at bat
[photo credit: West Figgins]

On May 9, at the Eddie Mathews Field, the Santa Barbara Dons played against the Brea Olinda Wildcats, in the second round of the Division 4 CIF southern section baseball playoffs. The two teams gave it their all, and both were evenly matched in skill. For a large portion of the game, neither team could score a single run. At the end of the game,  The Wildcats won the game against the SB Dons with the final score being 1-0, which means the Dons are out of the bracket for this year. Even with the loss, The Dons should be immensely proud of themselves for doing such a great job this season. Making it all the way to the playoffs in a league that covers the entirety of schools in Southern California is nothing to scoff at. When I asked the SB High varsity baseball coach, Steve Schuck about his retrospective opinion on the 2023 baseball season, he stated that “Overall it was a good year. We had eight players with no Varsity experience and only four seniors. We were a young team and we gained a lot of experience. I look forward to a better season next year.”


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