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On Campus Fashion

Many people on campus have unique fashion senses. I interviewed two students with completely different personalities. but with one similar way of expressing them. “It’s like speaking without words,” says London Moro. Pilar Duran says “It makes me feel like myself and it makes me feel pretty.”
London Moro has been interested in fashion for the past few years and has no problem using it as a creative way of expression. When asking Moro what she is drawn to about fashion she replied, “When I’m not feeling the best, I probably won’t dress the best. I feel like it reflects my inner feelings, that’s why I love it.” Although Moro’s passion for fashion is strong, she has only been interested in fashion for a few years. Moro laughs, “I started getting into fashion in high school. I definitely had no idea how to dress or idea of why people would dress up in middle school. Definitely in freshman and sophomore year is when I started really thinking about it.” When asked if her style has changed throughout the years Moro answered “100%! And not only evolved, I just feel more comfortable with the outfits that I love. I feel like there’s a period where you love an outfit but you’re too scared to ever wear it, or you’re just kind of thinking about it, but I’m at the point now where I’m just not afraid to want to wear it.”
Moro says she get quite a lot of her inspiration from 2000’s TV shows and movies. “I love getting inspiration from shows because there’s so many people to learn from, like the girls in H2O. I like the way they dress in Mean Girls, but I don’t like the characters. Also in Clueless the outfits are so beautiful.”
Moro regards her style as appropriate for her age, 17. She feels like her style is in between sophisticated and cartoonish bright colors.
Moro especially loves secondhand shopping for her wardrobe. “I love secondhand clothing because it’s like, you’ve usually never seen a top like that before.” After asking Moro if her style makes her comfortable and how, she had this to say, “Literally yes. For me, it’s literally like the deepest breath of fresh air ever to dress up,” Moro feels that the way she dresses keeps her motivated and has control over how she feels throughout the day. With all of Moro’s love and passion for clothes she says she would definitely want to do something in the future with fashion. “What really, really sticks out to me is being an editor of a magazine promoting clothes sounds really cool. Like putting together a page with cool little cutouts and designs is something I want to be something involved with.”
Pilar Duran started getting interested in fashion throughout COVID. “I just had a lot of time.” Something that Duran is strongly drawn to when it comes to fashion is that everyone’s styles are different. “I like feeling nice in the outfit. If I am wearing a bad look and I feel gross.” Duran gets her fashion inspiration from many different places, one being her friends. “I’ll have ‘cosplay’ days where I’ll wear what my friends would wear or just dress like people on Pinterest or Tik Tok.”
As of now, Duran would describe her style as practical and cutesy. “I get a lot of pants and skirts and stuff from thrift stores, because that’s where I usually have the best luck. Usually I wear a lot of concert shirts.”
Not only does Duran second hand shop, but she creates some of her favorite clothing herself. “I wear a lot of things that I alter in different ways, which I think represents my creativity. I’ll block print on something or embroider or cut it in a certain way. It makes it more than just a basic piece of clothing.” Even with all of they’re original clothing, Duran says that they would feel incomplete without a necklace. “I always love a good necklace.”
Although she would never be seen with a bare neck, Duran says that her favorite item of clothing is shoes. Lately, Duran has been loving skirts, and similarly to Moro she adores the dresses over jeans look. In the future, Duran plans on going into something artistic. “I don’t know if that necessarily involves fashion. I would love to do it, but I don’t know if I can picture myself doing it every day for a career.”
Students interested in fashion at SBHS may face some resistance from the new dress code. Students who express themselves through grunge or emo fashion can no longer wear items with spikes or studs. Although it will be a difficult adjustment, with their creative combinations it should be no problem.
Both Duran and Moro are extremely creative and artistic people. They feel that how they dress perfectly expresses how they feel and can even elevate their day. With opposite styles they both stay motivated to express themselves in ways that truly represent them without having to say a word.

Pilar Duran’s fall outfit [Image Credit: Pilar Duran]

[Image Credit: London Moro]


  • Nadia Listenbee

    Nadia Listenbee is a junior at Santa Barbara High School and this is her first year as a member of The Forge. She joined the forge because she loves fashion and music and sharing her writing with the school.

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