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Pink Tape Album Review

The highly anticipated project Pink Tape is Grammy nominated artist Lil Uzi Vert’s third full-length studio album. Uzi’s last album Eternal Atake received an 8.4/10 from Pitchfork, a 4.7/5 from Google Reviews, and a 7.1/10 from myself. After the release of “Just Wanna Rock,” a hit amongst Uzi’s diehard fanbase, many listeners set their standards very high for Uzi’s next project.

With a 5.7/10 from Pitchfork and a 62/100 from Album of the year, to put it shortly, Pink Tape was not received well. The album has no clear direction, and many songs are different genres then Uzi’s normal style. With influences from rock, hyperpop, trap, and heavy metal music, the wide array of genres clash with Uzi’s already signature style and make the album seem very disorganized, and difficult to listen to on its own. That being said, this album was a step in a new direction for Uzi.

His new album had two hits, with standout songs “Flooded The Face” and “Just Wanna Rock”, the former being the header for the album. Uzi’s audio engineer Kesha Lee opens “Flooded The Face” with her signature phrase: “Uzi, wake up.” The latter, “Just Wanna Rock” is a two-time platinum track that debuted number ten on the Billboard Hot 100. The song has already inspired many popular dances and trends that have taken over the internet. In my opinion, the rest of the album is very mediocre, and split between horrible and above average tracks. The correlation between the below average tracks on this album is that they are all new styles for Uzi, which hopefully, in the future Uzi will refine and perfect. With all of this information, and general listener consensus, I would rate this album a 5.8/10, for its turbulent listening experience, and unrefined structure.

Flooded The Face 8.8/10
2 Suicide Doors 5.3/10
3 Aye (Ft. Travis Scott) 6.3/10
4 Crush Em 7.4/10
5 Amped 3.3/10
6 ‎x2 4.9/10
7 Died and Came Back 5.0/10
8 Spin Again 5.2/10
9 That Fiya 5.3/10
10 I Gotta 6.3/10
11 Endless Fashion (Ft. Nicki Minaj) 7.2/10
12 Mama, I’m Sorry 7.4/10
13 All Alone 7.2/10
14 Nakamura 5.9/10
15 Just Wanna Rock 8.9/10
16 Fire Alarm (Ft. Snow Strippers) 4.7/10
17 CS 3.2/10
18 Werewolf (Ft. Bring Me The Horizon) 2.9/10
19 Pluto to Mars 7.9/10
20 Patience (Ft. Don Toliver) 7.2/10
21 Days Come and Go 5.1/10
22 Rehab 5.1/10
23 The End (Ft. BABYMETAL) 2.1/10
24 Zoom 7.2/10 25 Of Course 6.1/10 26 Shardai 4.9/10

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