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The Person Behind the Scenes

As October approaches, so does the annual fall play, and this year’s production is the well known and beloved. With many hours of reworking and revising, this year’s play is going to be extremely well done. To say the least, it is going to be the talk of the school. Since the book was written in 1897, the story of “Dracula” has evolved into what it is today. I had the privilege to talk to Gioia Marchese, one of the talented directors working on the play, and she gave me insight into the works of creating this masterpiece. The script was originally written by Kira’s, (one of the director’s) father, He wrote an adaptation of the 1930’s play “Dracula”. When talking to Gioia, she explained the importance of creating the play as a team. She describes that, “Our ultimate goal is to create something all together, as a community and team and to demonstrate how everybody’s goal is equally important.” Beyond that, Gioia and her peers took it upon themselves to incorporate the cast’s feedback in order to make a decision on what play to do, she says, “We read a bunch of plays over the summer and when we read that one, it felt like the right fit for the group” Obviously, the theater life is extremely important to Gioia. When asked what motivates and inspires her as a teacher, Gioia explains, “Seeing people who are not afraid to really be vulnerable, to put their self consciousness and ego aside in order to do something hard.” With all the hard work, passion, and determination demonstrated by Gioia, directors, and cast members, this year’s production of Dracula is sure to be a showstopper. 

Imagine Credit: Penelope McKean 

Gioia Marchese takes a moment to smile for the picture in between a very hectic day with rehearsals. 


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