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Upcoming events with ASB

Even though the school year is just beginning, ASB is already gearing up for many exciting events, including the Homecoming game, dance and Senior Sunrise. When asked to shed some light on their plans, ASB president Abby Webber replied, “for homecoming we just…started all the planning, like the process of picking out a theme and budgeting everything out and all the decorations.” Homecoming will be on Saturday, October 28. “We have our homecoming game right before on Friday so we’re really excited for that. It’s always just such a blast and we’re really excited,” Webber shared. ASB made no official comment as far as the theme is concerned, but even so, the night is sure to be a movie.

In addition, Senior Sunrise is coming up on October 6th. As of now, ASB is working on designing and printing shirts to pass out to seniors during Senior Sunrise so everyone can rep their SBHS merch. Webber said, “We’re working on maybe getting some food there, and just making sure it’s a fun event for all the seniors to enjoy.”

These exciting events are just the tip of the iceberg for ASB, as they continue to plan all things SBHS-related throughout the year. Behind it all is new ASB teacher Ms. Wooster-Dorfman, who took over this year, after spending the past eight years working for the district in an administrative role. Though this is not her first year at SBHS as she previously taught art, sculpture and ASB. 

When asked about her plans for the future of ASB, Wooster-Dorfman replied, “I used to teach ASB years ago. I’ve been gone for eight years, but we kind of have things back to how it used to be, where everybody in the class has a position…We have an executive board which is all elected, like our ASB president and vice president. And then we have class officers which are all elected, like junior class president, vice president, secretary, and then everybody else in the class has a position. They’re called ‘commissioners,’ and they’re in charge of specific things like activities, athletics or celebrations. Everybody in class has a specific purpose, but then everybody works together on projects and different committees based on what’s going on, what time of year it is, and the events that are happening.”

This new method of leadership is in stark contrast to the ASB of years past where, although there were elected positions such as president and vice president, the general members of ASB did not have specific jobs. It is clear with this new method that Wooster-Dorfman hopes to improve the organization of ASB and create a unified student body to represent the school. 

[Image Credit: Laura Wooster-Dorfman]


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