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Nostalgia Album Review

Rod Wave has continuously proven why he is one of the most influential and relatable artists of our generation. His newest album, Nostalgia, is arguably one of his best projects over his career. I had the opportunity to interview Waylon Finkel, a Rod Wave enthusiast, as well as Luke Zuffelato and Tobin Shyrock concerning the album. 

Nostalgia includes 18 songs, with hit singles like, “Fight the Feeling,” “Call Your Friends,” and “Checkmate.” From the perspective of a Rod Wave lover, Finkel considers the album an 8.9/10, because “it is diverse with lots of different kinds of songs, and also is a very long album at 18 songs.” Finkel claims that Wave’s lyrics speak to him on a deep level that no other artist can reach, “‘Great Gatsby’ is my favorite song because the lyrics have real world relatability.”

Tobin Shyrock rates the album a 9.1/10. His favorite song is also “Great Gatsby” because he “likes the way the song flows and the chorus is really catchy.” Shyrock’s least favorite song is “Rap Beef,” because he doesn’t like the flow of the lyrics. Luke Zuffelato rates the album a 9.0/10, with his favorite song on the album being “Great Gatsby” because of the “Overall vibe of the song,” as he describes it. Zuffelato’s least favorite is “Turks and Caicos”.

Personally, I would rate this album a 9.3/10. Since the day it was released, I haven’t stopped listening to almost every song on the album. The way Rod Wave pours his heart into each song is truly inspiring. My favorite song varies each week, but currently it is, “Boyz Don’t Cry”, because the lyrics have a very deep meaning, as he sings about fighting through pain and holding in tears. My least favorite is “Keep it G” because the flow of the song isn’t audibly pleasing to me.

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