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SB Humane Society Welcomes the Holiday Season

As the holiday seasons are approaching, and the spirit of giving arises, people tend to make additions to their family and lend a helping hand to animals in need. 

Originating in Santa Barbara, an organization, The Humane Society, was founded in aims of saving animals from unsafe environments, and providing a safe space for them to be without the threat of euthanization. The Humane Society is a socially conscious shelter which means that they not only house the animals, but they examine them to make sure they are healthy and adoptable. They also provide full transparency when an animal is considered to be adopted or fostered which creates honesty and more of a reason to adopt from such a considerate organization. 

While volunteering is considered a key part of contributing to the organization on a personal account, donations are very valuable as well. This kind of organization thrives off of the contribution of the surrounding community, which is why it’s important to provide a helping hand. As the holiday seasons are coming around the corner, this is a great time to help and give back. 

Along with volunteering and donating, the Humane Society’s website has details about upcoming events and activities that anyone can participate in. There are many non-permanent ways to contribute to this organization, but the best thing to do if one is able to, is adopt an animal and provide it with a safe, loving home. Check out their website to further explore their mission.

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  • Lily Young

    Lily Young is a senior at Santa Barbara High School and is a new member of The Forge this year as well as a member of the varsity girl's golf team. She is passionate about her school as well as reporting on her community.

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