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Sabrina Carpenter: fruitcake

This November, Sabrina Carpenter released her second studio EP, titled fruitcake.  It includes six Christmas themed songs, opening with, “A Nonsense Christmas,” a holiday rendition of her hit song, “Nonsense.” Although “A Nonsense Christmas” was released in December of 2022, fans have been listening to it all year long. Sabrina Carpenter super fan, Ana Hudson-Zapata said, “I listened to it all of last year. Even after the Christmas season, which is very out of character for me, since I don’t condone listening to Christmas music outside of between Thanksgiving and Christmas day.”

Track two, “buy me presents,” has a similar cheery and bright feeling to it. It’s a fun Christmas love song with catchy lyrics like “If you were a wise man baby, you would drop every other ho, ho, ho and put me on top.” Track three “santa doesn’t know you like i do” shifts to a calmer melody. Once the drums kick in, it becomes more of a bouncy beat while still having a longing sound. Despite being the longest song on the EP, it keeps you wanting to hear more. The fourth and most heartbreaking song on the album, “cindy lou who,” is a beautifully upsetting song with lyrics that move you, like “Guess you make him happy like I couldn’t do, cindy lou who.” The beat goes back to its upbeat manner with the following track “is it new years yet?”

“It’s my favorite song off the album,” says Zapata, “I love the melody and how it’s so upbeat.” The EP closes with “white xmas.” It references many of the most classic Christmas songs while still having Carpenter’s signature pop and beautiful vocals. 

Overall, fruitcake is a perfect EP to throw on at any Christmas party. The songs are perfectly Christmas-y while still having Carpenter’s own girly and cheeky sound. “I think she found her sound and it definitely works for her.” says Zapata.


  • Nadia Listenbee

    Nadia Listenbee is a junior at Santa Barbara High School and this is her first year as a member of The Forge. She joined the forge because she loves fashion and music and sharing her writing with the school.

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