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Midnight Masquerade Themed Winter Formal Is Here

The annual Winter Formal dance is just around the corner and the long-awaited theme has been revealed: “Midnight Masquerade.” The dance will be hosted in the quad On February 10. SBHS students are thrilled for the dance this year, but have mixed feelings about the theme. 

Students around school were eager to share  their feelings on the Midnight Masquerade theme. Senior Tobin Shyrock thinks it’s a, “Weird theme… I’ve never been to the dance but I’m planning on going this year. I’m not sure what I’m going to wear, but I’ll probably figure it out soon,” says Shyrock. Junior Mason Arndt won’t be attending the dance, but thinks the theme is fantastic. “It reminds me of the show, Squid Games, because they wear super cool masks in it. I wish I could be in that movie so I could wear a mask like them. Maybe I’ll show up to the dance for a few minutes just to get a mask,” he explained. Elliott Blinderman has gone to the dance in previous years but, like Arndt, won’t be at the dance this year. “It’s very unique and something we haven’t done before. It will probably be a very successful dance,” Blinderman said.

The Winter Court this year includes five boys and five girls from the senior class. Michael Cabral, Jordan Mitchum, Ava Osborne, Sami Nestlerode, Dana Whitney, Elijah Myers, Savannah Valenzuela, Carolina Esparza, Alyssa Frausto Valencia, and Jacobo Nevarez were all nominated by the staff at SBHS. The Winter Formal Royalty will be announced at the dance..

One court member, Jacobo Nevarez, was excited and grateful for the nomination to Winter Court Royalty. He feels honored to be on the court, saying, “I think it’s a blessing to be chosen by staff at SBHS for this incredible opportunity. I’m very thankful to feel appreciated by staff on campus.” Nevarez doesn’t anticipate that he will win, but has high hopes for his fellow nominees.

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