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Spring Sports Overview

Spring sports have begun and many teams are back in season. Girls lacrosse, girls softball, and boys baseball are just a few of the teams that are looking forward to a great season. 

The varsity girls lacrosse team eagerly anticipates the upcoming season, and their optimism and determination for the sport is prevalent in all aspects of training. “I have high hopes for the season, our preseason is going very well! We are working hard on strength training and agility to be prepared for our busy season,” says the team’s off-season captain Aria Abraham. The team has a strong commitment to success which is emphasized in their  rigorous training. 

Girls softball gears up for an exciting season, marked not only by the hard work put in by all the girls, but also by a change in leadership. As the players rally under the guidance of their first female head coach in years, Kelly Meeder, a team member, reflects on the new chapter. 

“[Kittle] is the first female coach I’ve ever had. I feel like she really cares about our team. I know whatever happens this season, she’s gonna support us.” The coach’s commitment to fostering a supportive environment where the players can thrive both as individuals and as a team sets the precedent for a compelling season.

As the baseball season unfolds, optimism and enthusiasm surrounds the upcoming games. One of the varsity team captains, Michael Firestone, reflects on the team’s progress, “Our team looks really good. We’ve gotten a lot better since last year because everyone’s older and has more experience. It’s been my favorite year in the program so far.” Growth and camaraderie within the team proves advantageous, allowing the players to mature both in age and skill. The collective experience gained over the past year has contributed to elevated levels of performance among the squad, creating a sense of pride and accomplishment. Worth each practice, they not only showcase their refined abilities but also exemplify the bonds forged through the shared journey of improvement, making this season a standout chapter in their baseball careers.

Michael Firestone up to bat [Image Courtesy of Michael Firestone]


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