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Garden Gala Is Underway

The 2024 prom theme and location have been revealed. ASB recently announced the prom theme, Garden Gala, a chance for many beautiful outfits and extravagant photo opportunities. The location this year will be at the Hilton Santa Barbara Beachfront Resort a hotel near the iconic rainbow arch by the beach leaving many seniors excited. Not only is there a unique theme, but there will be a beautiful view as well. Many are interested in this year’s prom location compared to previous years and many alumni in previous years got to experience this location as well. 

Due to seniors being excited, many had positive feedback towards the theme and location announcement. When interviewing Carolina Esparza about what she’s most excited about for prom she stated “I’m excited that it’s near the beach and it seems like it’s in a fun environment.” Another senior Amaya Hernandez who is the ABS Treasurer stated the theme took a lot of thought and she’s glad many like the theme. When questioned about the theme and location Jonathan Ortega said, “I really like the location because it’s big and better than other years”. He also added it’s the best theme we’ve had all year. A senior who wishes to stay anonymous says “I don’t enjoy the theme just because the location is really good.” Although she added she wishes the theme would’ve suited the location better. Lastly, the last senior interviewed was Sabrina Cruz who said “I am really excited because I’ve been waiting for prom to happen for the past four years and the theme is beautiful.” She also added it’s the main event for seniors and hopes it turns out great. Many seniors are filled with excitement, but filled with suspense in the hope of a memorable and fun night due to it being the senior’s last high school dance.

Ticket prices may be a bit more expensive this year, though if you have an Olive and Gold card prices will be cheaper. Although they might be more expensive this makes sense due to the location. There will be a chance for those who can’t afford a prom dress to borrow a dress from The Assistance League of Santa Barbara just like winter formal. Prom this year will take place on May 18th from 7-10 pm. Make sure to grab your tickets when they go on sale before they sell out. 

2024 prom venue at The Hilton. [Image Credit: Viviana Ruiz]


  • Viviana Ruiz

    Viviana Ruiz is a junior who is from Santa Barbara. She likes to write in the forge because she is able to write what she is interested in.

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