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Immaculate Movie Review: Faith Turned Fear

Immaculate held true to its name, combining jaw-dropping horror with the beauty and purity of the Italian countryside. Although I went into the movie uninformed about what this feature film would hold for me, Sydney Sweeney surpassed all my expectations and delivered an unforgettable performance.

The movie opened with a fearful looking nun attempting to escape a convent. With the eerie imagery and believable gore, I was immediately hooked and engrossed in the movie. The tone then shifted to a more hopeful tale although it kept its sinister undertones. Sweeney’s character, Sister Cecilia, was welcomed into the convent. Although she went in filled with excitement and purpose, she began to suspect all was not as it seemed.

As the movie continues, more of its unholy past is revealed. Sweeney’s character becomes more and more weary of the convent, as the older nuns cling to her and insist that she is a saint. 

Sweeney delivered a beautiful and harrowing performance. This paired with the fluctuating and fitting cinematography had me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire film. After seeing Sweeney in this refreshing new role, perhaps she’ll showcase her acting in more serious roles in the future.

Immaculate promotional cover Image courtesy of IMDb


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