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Santa Barbara Continues its Lively Celebrations of Earth Day

Santa Barbara celebrates Earth Day like no other. This year’s Earth Day Festival is set to take place at Alameda Park from April 27-28, engaging the community through a variety of “green” activities. One of the festival’s main attractions is the Green Car Show, which showcases the latest eco-friendly electric vehicles. Additionally, the EcoMarketplace features businesses with planet-friendly products, from organic clothing to sustainable soap. 

“The live music and food at the festival are my favorite,” said junior Sophia Mills, the festival’s social media and marketing intern. “We’re also doing a new plastic-free initiative this year, which will bring more plant-forward, vegan options to the food court.”

Beyond the festival grounds, Santa Barbara citizens can honor Earth this spring by appreciating the abundant nature around us. The Santa Barbara mountains are scattered with breathtaking hikes, a community favorite being the Cold Springs Trail in Montecito. This trail is fantastic because hikers can swim in the freshwater springs and continue up the path to view the American Riviera from above. 

Earth Day also fosters environmental advocacy, and Santa Barbara is fortunate to have several ecological organizations in town. One such nonprofit is Explore Ecology, which hosts beach cleanups on the second Sunday of every month from 10 am to 12 pm at Arroyo Burro Beach. Here on campus, Blue Club meets every other Tuesday in room 210 to fundraise for ocean preservation and plan monthly beach cleanups for community service. 

“In addition to being beautiful, the ocean is ecologically important because it holds most of life on earth,” shared Blue Club founder Esme Lopez-Landeck. “I think it’s our job to reverse marine damage through activism, so we’re hoping to expand our club to have the greatest impact possible.”

It’s no surprise that Santa Barbara loves Earth Day, especially considering the scenic mountains and sunny beaches right in our backyards. In fact, our town’s environmental history leads many to consider Santa Barbara the birthplace of Earth Day; in 1969, a devastating oil spill dumped over four million gallons of petroleum into the Santa Barbara coast, killing thousands of aquatic species. The spill sparked an outburst of activism, and a senator who saw the massive spill from an airplane was inspired to create a national day for environmental education, establishing the first Earth Day in 1970. Santa Barbara’s love of nature hasn’t ceased since the 70s, as the present-day festival is one of the longest-standing Earth Day celebrations in the country.As the weather warms up this spring, we can admire the beauty of our environment and work to contribute to climate preservation. Whether attending the festival, exploring the numerous mountain paths, or volunteering for a local organization, there are countless ways to honor the planet this Earth Day and further connect with our Santa Barbara community.


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    Caroline is a junior at SBHS. She plays on the girls varsity tennis team and enjoys going to the beach and hanging out with her friends. She loves to write and is excited to be on The Forge.

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