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Santa Barbara Fair Closes Down 

The annual Santa Barbara Fair and Expo kicked off opening for two weekends, the weekend of April 25-28 and the weekend of May 3-5. The fair featured over 30 rides and attractions provided by Butler Amusements Inc. The rides ranged from the adrenaline provoking Turbo and Zipper to the more mellow attractions like the Giant Wheel. For the ones not tall enough to ride the rides, there was face painting, as well as farm animals to pet. The fair also had a wide variety of foods for fair goers to enjoy including: Elóte, turkey legs, funnel cake, and an immense amount of cotton candy. It is safe to say that anyone regardless of age could find entertainment at the fair. 

The only downside to the otherwise perfect fair was the not so fair prices. The cost to get into the fair was $7-10, but that admission price didn’t include the rides. Once inside the grounds, the wristband was $37 to be able to go on unlimited rides. On top of that fair goers had to pay for food and drink. When asking Kelly Meeder about her experience at the fair this year, she discussed the expensive prices. Meeder states, “Since it was my last chance to go to the fair I was glad that I went, but the fair is always so expensive. My friends and I spent almost $100 to ride 2 rides each, we were there for about an hour and a half.” Although the fair is now closed, it will re-open in the year 2025 and hopefully prices will be lowered. 


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