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An Interview With @justsbhsthings

If you’re on Instagram, chances are you’ve heard of @justsbhsthings. This account is run by a Santa Barbara High School student and is dedicated to all things Santa Barbara High School related. The account truly has it all. From memes to throwback pictures of the school, it appeals to both current students and alumni. In an interview with the creator, we talked about the accounts origins, goals, what it’s like running the page, and more. 

What made you want to start this account?

This account wasn’t really supposed to be a meme account. The first intention was to just make fun of how dirty our school could be. I took a lot of inspiration from an old Tumblr blog called “just girly things”.  It basically turned gross situations into satire overly aesthetic posts. I always found it hilarious and that’s why my first captions were always in a similar format to them.

What’s your favorite part of owning the account?

I like being able to interact with people who I wouldn’t normally be able to talk to. Sometimes people really open up to me about their life and stuff, (probably because quarantine has us shut out) and I love that they trust me without even knowing who I am. It does make me worried that if I do a face reveal they would be embarrassed to know who knows what about them so that’s part of why I’ve held off.

So, you think this account has helped bring groups of people together?

Sort of, but not as much as I would hope. Honestly I also was just desperate for our school to have some spirit even if it was fabricated with memes and other weird content. I just wanted people to be spreading memes around that were relatable to even alumni. I just wanna bring SBHS together. 

Now, what’s your least favorite part of owning the account?

I’ve gotten threats from people about content I post, ‘delete this or ____’. Saying that me advocating and spreading certain social justice topics is ‘not appropriate for a meme page.’

So is there certain types of content you try to stay away from?

No, for the most part I post what I want to. It’s always super conservative guys that get mad. I follow planned parenthood, support BLM, don’t like racist SB kids, etc. I always say they’re welcome to unfollow me and they never do.

Because of that, do you feel like you have a certain level of responsibility to stay neutral on political or social issues?

I sometimes feel guilty about being so politically outspoken on this account but I have a slight platform in our community so I plan to use it. My partner and family sometimes get on my ass about being political, say I’m going to ruin the account and my reputation, whatever, but if I can even make a little change before letting sbhsthings die out I will.

How do you feel about others creating SBHS themed accounts?

I love them, we all have a groupchat.

Do you have any advice for someone starting one?

Make interactive posts, have your friends help share and create content, be a safe place for students and help promote school spirit because deep down a lot of people really want it.

Do you have any advice for incoming SBHS students?

Get familiar with the campus before attending, get involved in sports. I never did and I regret it. Become friends with as many people as you can and you will be happy and have a lot of love in your life. Don’t be mean or bitchy or act better than anybody, all of us are equal and can bring a lot to the SBHS community. And become friends with the new admin of sbhsthings;)

Are you going to pass the account onto someone else when you graduate?

Yup, somebody I wouldn’t have known without having this account.

Will you ever do something similar to this account after graduating?

This account was mostly made also out of fear of leaving. I have a feeling I’ll probably dwell on this account for a while and miss SBHS and my younger friends, but this is something I want to stay special to SBHS.

Is there anything else you’d like the SBHS community to know?

I want them to know I love and care about them all even if they don’t like me or my content. I’m scared that a face reveal will change the way people remember this account, but either way it has been really special to me. I’ll keep posting until the end of the year, and hopefully my senior quote will be my reveal. SBHS kids you can do anything you set your mind to— and p.s. tell them to bring back school spirit!


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