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Meet Ms. Ball

Kelly Ball is an ASB Director, Social Studies Teacher, and Volleyball Coach at Santa Barbara High School. Ms. Ball chose this career path because as a kid her biggest support system came from her teachers. She valued her relationships with her teachers, and how they could support her emotionally and mentally, and she wanted to do the same. She prefers teaching high school over other grade levels because high schoolers are growing, and she feels like she can support them better. Her favorite part of her job is laughing with her students. Ms. Ball’s least favorite is remembering which zoom link to click. If she wasn’t in her current position she would work for the CIA. She would want to do international intelligence work. This year she’s really interested in seeing how clubs will work virtually because she thinks it gives students a place to belong. Outside of school she’s a big adventurer, she loves to hike, go surfing, and anything that has something to do with the mountains.


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