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Meet Ms.Jue


Ms. Jue is an English teacher here at SBHS, but recently she was assigned to a new position. She’s the new Yearbook advisor. She likes to teach high school students because it’s a really big transition for students between childhood and adulthood and it’s when you start to figure out who you are, and what you like in the world or what you want in life. Her favorite part about teaching is laughing with students. Ms. Jue is also looking forward to making connections with students this year too. She chose this job because in fifth grade she had the most wonderful teacher called Mrs. Ruvalcaba. She made her feel seen and heard. If she weren’t in this position she would be an EMT. Some fun facts about her is that she loves camping, hiking, reading, and running. She also loves to catch lizards. This year’s yearbook will be in chronological order as best as the yearbook class can and it will be printed. 

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