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Pre-Registration and Registration

What is the difference between pre-registering and registering? How do I pre-register or register for voting? Why should I pre-register? 

     Pre-registration is for if you would like to be a future voter and you are not of age yet. Now, 16 and 17 year olds are actually allowed to pre-register online and vote at the age of 18. If you are actually of age (18 or older), then you can Register to vote. 

If you are planning on pre-registering (at 16 or 17) or registering and don’t know how to, you can simply visit this link: which will take you to the Santa Barbara County voting registration page. If you scroll a little there is a button that says, “California Online Voter Registration”. Once you press that you have the options to pre-register or register to vote.

It is important that you pre-register or register because it is the only way you will be eligible to vote. Pre-registering does not mean that you can actually vote as a minor, but you are eligible to vote once you are 18 years old in future elections. 

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