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Dear Mr. President

Dear President Biden,I have never written a letter to the president before but feel like I needed to get a few things off my chest. First off, I feel like congratulations are in order. You now hold the highest office in the country. This has been a  historical election; breaking boundaries with the first female Vice President and biggest voter turnout in over 100 years. I’ve lived through many historical events over the past 5 years to many once in a lifetime moments before the age of 15 from the attack on the Capital to COVID -19. So, I want to know if when you say you want to make the economy better for the middle class and health care more accessible do you actually mean it, or is it just another campaign strategy that faded out. I don’t want to live in a country where I’m not going to be afraid of what the person that is supposed to be the face of this country is going to do or say that might put the safety of Americans in jeopardy. I fear that, again, they will generate so much hate and division that it puts our democracy on the line. After the last four years, I think it’s fair to say that the bar is on the floor after the gross misconduct of the last administration. President Biden, just doing the thing that is morally right could earn you praise. In conclusion,  I want to be assured that you mean what you say and that your words are not just another array of empty promises.


Sabina Cruz 

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  • Sabrina Cruz

    I’m Sabrina cruz I am a freshmen at Santa Barbra High School i have always had a love for journalists and journalism because of the guts it takes to tell the truth no matter the cost always had me in awe .i have never been apart of a paper but I’m excited to start working with the forge this year.

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