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“She Weeps” by Rowan Dowdall

For most of our lives we question who we really are. Do we know ourselves truly? Do others know us? Or do they know the facade so many of us choose hide behind? For this piece I wanted to show someone who is wearing a mask as Paul Dunbar described in his poem “We Wear the Mask,” but of someone who is tired, and saddened by the burden of it. 

This is a painting that isn’t perfect. It is of a woman who isn’t perfect. Someone that can’t understand yet that imperfections are okay and a part of being human. So, she chooses to wear a mask, to cover it all up. I have had many friends feel insecure about themselves because of the smallest details in them being not perfect when nobody can even notice it, so when I painted this I drew inspiration from all the times people have told me they don’t like this or that about themselves.

[Part of a series showcasing the work of VADA Sophomores in their English 10 Classes. More information can be found here.]

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