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“We Are Not Your Virus” by Bri Yanez

When the global pandemic first arose it was chaos for everyone. Many felt scared that coronavirus originated in China, making its way to the rest of the world. But many people of Asian descent claimed they were scared more of the blame and racist attacks more than they feared getting the virus. Rumours are circulating that Asian people are spreading the coronavirus in America. School children are bullied for being of Asian origin. Racial slurs are hurled at people who “look Asian”. Asian culture is increasingly represented as backward and as a threat to America. However this isn’t new news, racism against Asians has been so normalized in society for decades, to the point that even Asians themselves sometimes don’t realize it is racism. Blaming an entire ethnic group for something out of their control is ridiculous; we need to stop anti-Asian racism before it becomes mainstream. 

Fight the virus. Not the people.

[Part of a series showcasing the work of VADA Sophomores in their English 10 Classes. More information can be found here.]

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