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Don Your Mask Campaign

This week an opportunity arose for Santa Barbara High students to become a part of keeping their school and community safe, the Don Your Mask campaign. This campaign is a contest in which students can submit images and videos that will serve as the “Don Your Mask Campaign” materials. All submissions must include SBHS colors, emblems, and logos. The submission can use the “Don Your Mask” slogan or you can create your own. 

There are two categories for contest submissions, 30 second or less public service announcement, or a poster /flyer with a slogan. The prizes for each category are, first place: $100+SBHS swag, second: $75 +SBHS swag, third: $50+SBHS swag.This contest promises an eye-catching $100 for first place as well as an opportunity for SBHS swag for all three places. Not only will students improve their community, but their wardrobe and financials. In order for students to make their projects, they must use some sort of software, but where to start? Some software for the poster design includes but is not limited to, Canva, CorelDRAW, Affinity Design, Krita, Gravit Design, and Adobe illustrator. With these powerful poster design tools, the only limit is your imagination! And last but not least here are some suggestions for a 30 second or less PSA, Adobe Premiere rush, Imovie, Lumen5, or Adobe Premiere pro. The deadline for submissions is Monday, December 7th and the submissions must be emailed to [email protected]. Prospective contestants can email Barbara Burmudez for a copy of the logo or emblem at [email protected].

Good luck to all contestants, and remember that the purpose of this contest is to get students involved in the community practice of wearing a mask. So everyone please wear a mask!


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  • Isabella Vasquez

    Isabella (Bella) Vasquez is currently a senior in the Multimedia Arts and Design Academy at Santa Barbara high school. On her free time she enjoys mountain biking, making jewelry, and volunteering. She is honored to be the managing editor of The Forge this year, and hopes to provide quality articles and relevant news to Santa Barbara High School's community.

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