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Meet Mr. Aguailar

Meet Mr. Aguailar

Mr. Aguailar is a Health Science and Physical Education Teacher. He chose this as a career because he likes making a difference and helping kids. It gives him purpose and satisfaction.  His favorite things about his job is meeting his students, hearing their stories, and helping them achieve their potential as people and as students. The worst thing about his job is doing Zoom calls in his living room. Something he is looking forward to is the athletic sports season to start after quarantine.  He prefers high school because the students are coming into their own identity, and he likes to have conversations with people with dynamic views and opinions. If he wasn’t a teacher, Mr. Aguailar would be working in the Sports Performance and Development Industry. Outside of school, he loves going to the beach and coaching sports. Mr .Aguailar would like to say thank you to all of the students and staff at SBHS. This is his first year here and he already feels like a Don. He looks forward to building relationships with the Dons community. Go Dons!

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