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TV Review: Girls Incarcerated

The Netflix show, Girls Incarcerated, is about teen girls who have made bad mistakes in the past for instance robbing from old people and murder. While they are locked up they also have to do school work and chores such as cleaning up the juvenile and helping out in the kitchen with meals. There is also an exciting amount of drama, such as the girls are always arguing in the juvenile facility or wanting to fight. Being in the juvenile taught girls a lot not only about school but other responsibilities and jobs. The show first came out March 2, 2018.  It took place in Indiana, in the Madison juvenile facility. 

Personally,  I think that all the girls changed while they were in the juvenile facility. It definitely changed the way they act now. One person I took a liking to from the show was Tiffany because when she first entered the juvenile facility she had a bad attitude and she would constantly be yelling and wanting to be fighting other girls. By the end of the show she changed the way she acts around other people, her attitude was more polite and respectful.Overall, I liked the show. If I had to rate it out of 5 I’d probably rate it a 4. I just thought it was interesting and more of what I like to watch.


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