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Megan Is Missing Review

Megan is Missing came out in May 2011, and recently became popular due to tik tok. It’s about a teenage girl who goes missing after meeting a guy she met online. The film begins with a webcam call between Megan, and her friends, and we are quickly introduced to a possibly abusive household in the background. We learn that Megan tends to shield Amy, her best friend, from her home life truths when she lies about a confrontation before the call. Their specific relationship is further established through Megan attending parties with her popular friends, and Amy tagging along. Later on, Megan gets introduced to Josh, who we never see in the film, over a webcam call. Megan questions why he doesn’t show his face, and he gives the excuse that his camera is broken. Megan becomes attracted to him through photos he shows, and they grow a liking for each other. After talking a bit longer Megan decides to meet up with him at a party, which he doesn’t show up to. Furious she calls him back, and he tells her he was too scared to approach her, and sat back stalking her. This is the first time the audience suspect’s something is fishy, and like the title implies, someone soon goes missing. Josh asks to meet up with Megan again, and she agrees to meet him behind a restaurant. When she gets behind there he sneaks up behind her, and grabs her from behind, and puts her in his car. Later on, Megan’s friends suspect it’s Amy’s fault Megan went missing, and Amy goes to the police, and tells them how she was meeting up with Josh. Josh confronts Amy on a webcam video, and threatens to hurt her for telling the cops, and ends up kidnapping Amy aswell.

 I was able to really understand where the characters were coming from, it made it alot more disturbing, and gruesome to watch, it shows very traumatic, and graphic scenes. The movie was shown through a lens at parties, Megan and Amy’s webcam, and other footage made to look like real photographs. As an audience, you almost participate like the events are happening around you, and feel like you were there with them. It will definitely keep you up at night. I know it kept me up. 3 out of 5 stars.

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