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Senior Advice to Freshman

  1. Make a lot of friends” 
Jonathan Mora

Play your music out loud on a speaker whenever roaming the halls. You’ll attract a lot of potential friends with like-minded music interests, and don’t forget about all the spontaneous dance parties you’ll start. If you forgot your speaker at home, you can always opt to make a TikTok, passerbyers will be sure to compliment your dance moves and might even join in!

  1. “Make sure you’re on time” 
Charles Thom

Make sure to get to your classes on time. To avoid being late, try running as fast as you can from period to period. By arriving early and on time you will also alleviate hallway traffic caused by all the hooligans who aren’t informed about proper time management techniques such as this. 

  1. “Be super friendly”  
James Sanchez

Dap up all your friends, friends’ friends, and anyone else nearby. You have to do this every time you see them so they won’t forget you. If you’re still looking for ways to connect with your peers; invite yourself to lunch with people, and don’t take no for an answer. Show everyone how observant and interested in them you are by not so subtly eavesdropping whenever you can even join in the conversation if you’d like. 

  1. “Get to know all the students”    
Damian Dawes

It’s easy to stick with your fellow underclassmen, but don’t forget to intermingle with the upperclassmen, specifically the seniors. There’s a wealth of information there just waiting to be tapped into. Try dating a senior, they can drive you around while sharing all about the history of SBHS. If that’s too fast for you, maybe get to know the seniors at your table group, try introducing yourself by playing footsies with them under the table. 

  1. “Find your style”    
Owen DeBusk

First impressions are everything! It’s important to set yourself apart from the crowd, and what better way to do it than a fresh outfit for this school year. Try expressing yourself through your clothing; find plenty of media-based graphic tees to show that you’re hip and caught up on social trends, neon colors are great for showing your fun and colorful personality, And what better way to enhance your look than accessories? Find something stylish and functional like a rolly backpack, which will lighten your load while you walk down that runway.

[Image Credits: Nikolai Proft]


  • Nikolai Proft

    Nikolai Proft is a senior at Santa Barbara High School and is a first year writer for The Forge. He looks to inspire readers to become more invested in the community. In addition to working on The Forge, Niko is the returning captain of the Santa Barbara High wrestling team.

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