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Not So Giddey Anymore: An NBA Scandal

The 2023 NBA season has been off to a great start. The first NBA in-season tournament has proven to be a success, and certain load management changes have lead players that usually slack off during the season to genuinely put effort into their team, leading to superstars finally showing their potential.The season has also had a large amount of controversy; Ja Morant and his gun-toting issue, James Bouknight’s possession of a firearm, and the one I will be covering today, an NBA player being accused of having relations with a minor.

In November, point-guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder, Josh Giddey, was “exposed” by a user on twitter for allegedly having inappropriate relations with a sixteen year old girl. The user stated, “Josh Giddey from the OKC Thunder [is] with an under-age girl…This is disgusting and this man needs to be punished. We can’t let this go under the surface any longer. This needs to be seen.” Videos of the alleged incident were then leaked on TikTok and other platforms, and depict Giddey saying, “We’re at the club, me and my girl, we’re about to head back to mine,” and a video of Giddey and the girl at an 18+ club dancing together which was leaked by another social media user. The main photo being spread is of Giddey and the alleged victim shirtless with the text, “Just f****d Josh Giddey” in the background.

The Newport Beach Police stated that they are “actively seeking additional information related to these allegations and pursuing all leads and evidence to obtain the facts of the case.” Giddey’s only statements on the matter so far were that he cut off contact with the sixteen year old the day after their encounter, and that this event took place two years ago when he was 19 and believed the minor to be 18. A clear conclusion has yet to be reached and Giddy’s future in the league is questioned by league officials and watchers all over the world.


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